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  What types of DATACAST® services are there?

There are four types of DATACAST® service:

  1. DATACAST® Classic --> General interest/fixed information services, included on your device by your paging company.
  2. DATACAST® On-Demand --> Your choice of information, delivered upon request to your email-capable wireless device.
  3. MyDatacast --> Your choice of information, delivered based on your predefined preferences.
  4. DATACAST® Sports Pager --> Highly detailed/frequently updated service containing 12 folders of sports information.

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  Can I receive more detail in my DATACAST® sports?

DATACAST® provides AirSports through Verizon Wireless. This specialized, sports-only service contains 12 folders/slots of very detailed sports information, including:

  • Real-time scoreboards every 5 minutes
  • All NCAA Div. 1-A football & basketball scores
  • Top/bottom of inning or time remaining
  • Scoring play descriptions
  • Game-time weather
  • Injury reports
  • Las Vegas line odds

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Why are some of my DATACAST® updates garbled?

All the wording in your DATACAST® updates is complete and each character is clear when the information is delivered to your paging company.

Your paging company then "broadcasts" the DATACAST
® updates to your pager. During this broadcast, information can become garbled.

If more than 10% of your DATACAST
® updates are garbled, please consult the following list of possible causes:

  1. Low battery in your pager
  2. Interference from a nearby structure (airports, hospitals, etc.)
  3. Paging company has a system problem in your area
  4. Pager needs to be "tuned" -- bring to paging company for service
  5. Poor paging coverage in your area -- ask paging company to switch your pager to a different frequency or paging format (POCSAG vs. FLEX)

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What is DATACAST® On-Demand?

This service is for 2-way pagers and cellular phones with e-mail. Users have instant access to DATACAST's® stock quotes, lottery results, local weather, and other information by simply sending an e-mail. The requested info is sent immediately to the user by reply e-mail.


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What is MyDatacast?

MyDatacast allows you to set your own personal preferences so that you can receive the information you want, when you want it, in addition to DATACAST®Classic. MyDatacast is FREE and includes customized stock quotes, horoscopes, lottery, detailed local weather, and a convenient reminder service.

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  How do I limit the quantity of DATACAST® on my T900?

You decide exactly how many DATACAST Classic updates are stored by your T900 using the "history" setting.

Click here for instructions.

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  How do I turn off my DATACAST® updates?

DATACAST® Classic is automatically included with your pager and does not count towards messaging fees. DATACAST® updates should not beep -- the information should simply be there when and if you choose to read it.

® information should arrive in a separate folder so as not to interfere with your personal messages.

Consult your pager manual to learn how to turn the "news/info" alert off if it is presently on. Turning off the alert for your DATACAST
® information will not affect the alert for your personal messages. If you are unable to turn the alert off, or if DATACAST® updates are arriving in the same folder as your personal messages, then your pager is incorrectly programmed. To have pager programming corrected, or to permanently remove the news/info, the pager must be brought back to the paging company for reprogramming.

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Can I send messages to a pager through DATACAST®?

DATACAST® is a news bureau and does not supply text messaging or e-mail services.

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  Why did I receive different and/or more frequently updated DATACAST® information when I had DATACAST® through another paging company?

Different paging companies can choose to carry different DATACAST® service categories and can select how frequently the categories are updated. If you would like to see additional categories and/or more frequent updates added to your pager, please contact your paging company and let them know how you feel. Paging companies will often make changes in their DATACAST® Classic service based upon strong customer demand.

® categories are available to all paging companies -- your paging company simply needs to request the additional categories/updates.

The following DATACAST® Classic categories are available:

  • U.S./World News
  • Sports -- news and scores
  • Stock Market
  • National Weather
  • Detailed 3-Day Local Weather
  • Nautical Weather Forecasts
  • Business News
  • Commodities/Futures
  • Horoscopes
  • Today in History
  • Trivia
  • Entertainment News
  • Jokes/Quotes
  • Top-10 Entertainment Charts
  • Video Reviews
  • Local Tides
  • Statewide News (select states)
  • Local Lottery
  • Local MLB/NFL Game Summaries
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