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Send e-mail to: news@datacastnews.com
Request command: headlines
Reply size: 350-500 characters

This request will return the top news headlines:  

News Reports
Command Resulting Report Average Reply Size
headlines Top USA and world news 560 characters
biz Business and economic news 560 characters
tech Major technology news 560 characters
ent Entertainment and Hollywood news 560 characters
world Top international news 560 characters
usa Predominant national news 560 characters
sports Leading sports news 560 characters
poly Political and Washington news 560 characters

Once you have received the headlines, you may then request any headline's full story. Send an e-mail to news@datacastnews.com with "command#", where "command" is the type of news story (see chart above) and "#" is the number of the story you would like to receive.

For example,

This request will return the 4th headline's full story:

More On-Demand info:

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