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Send e-mail to: weather@datacastnews.com
Request command: cityname
Average reply size: 140 characters

This request will return San Francisco's weather forecast:
This request will return Akron, Ohio's weather forecast:

Click on a location to see which cities' weathers are available:

Weather Options

Using the options below, you can control the amount of detail and size of weather report you receive:

Command Resulting Report Average Reply Size
cityname High, low, conditions, humidity, winds and next day forecast. (default) 140 characters
cityname short Today's high, low, and conditions, in brief. 40 characters
cityname long Detailed 3-day forecast including current conditions. 360 characters
cityname tomorrow Next day's high, low, and conditions, in brief. 40 characters

This request will return a detailed San Francisco weather forecast:

More On-Demand info:


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