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Congratulations on your purchase of Motorola's PF1500 pager. Your pager includes at least four categories of DATACAST's® Classic information services.


By default, all DATACAST® Classic updates arrive together in your News/Info Inbox. This can make it difficult to find the information you are looking for and may force you to scroll past unwanted information to get to the updates you wish to read.

To better enjoy
DATACAST® on your PF1500, you should create sub-folders under the News/Info Inbox. Once you've done this, each topic of DATACAST® will arrive in a separate sub-folder.

For example,
DATACAST® Sports will be in its own sub-folder, separate from DATACAST® News, etc.

To create
DATACAST® News/Info sub-folders, proceed as follows:

1. From the Main menu, use to highlight News/Info InBox and press .

2. Use to highlight the information service message for which you want to create an inbox, then press and hold .

3. Use to highlight Create InBox and press .

You have now successfully created a separate sub-folder for the category of DATACAST® message you selected. Repeat steps 1-3 above for each DATACAST® category.

(PF1500 "HISTORY")

NOTE: Below settings are available on newer PF1500 pagers.

The History setting allows you to specify how many DATACAST® updates in each category will be retained by your pager. If, for example, you set your DATACAST® "Sports" History to "2", then you will only have three (the current update as well as the 2 prior) Sports Updates on your pager at any give time. New incoming updates will replace/overwrite the oldest update.

Tip: You must first create the sub-folders (described above) before you can take advantage of the History setting.

To select how many DATACAST® Updates are stored, proceed as follows:

1. From the Main menu, Use to highlight News/Info InBox and then press .

2. Use to highlight the desired inbox, then press and hold .

3. Use to highlight Set InBox History, then press .

  • The selection is highlighted.

4. Use to highlight the new selection and then press .

NOTE: The option selected determines how many messages are retained in the corresponding inbox before they are replaced by new messages; "No History" will keep only the newest message.

The above instructions can also be found on pages 25-26 of the Motorola booklet/user guide that came with your PF1500 pager.

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